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Chillax™ is a thoughtfully formulated supplement developed to help with common triggers including:

Ideal for:

  1. Anxiety from thunderstorms
  2. Fear of fireworks
  3. Separation anxiety
  4. Trips to the vet or groomer
  5. Tearing up furniture when left alone)
  6. Destructive behavior (digging or scratching walls) 
  7. Nail trims

Anxiety is a Very Real Thing for some Dogs and Cats

In fact, 1 in 3 dogs and cats show signs of anxiousness. Certain situations may cause a pet to be uneasy for a moment, like a loud crack of thunder - that’s an appropriate response. However for many pets, this causes over-the-top, uncontrollable anxiousness. Whether this is something that’s genetic, or happens as they get older, these pets need help to calm down. Chillax™ is a veterinarian-developed formula that helps relieve stress and tension; ease travel, grooming and separation anxiety; and soothe fear from storms and fireworks. This most comprehensive formula contains the highest level of active ingredients, including herbs, to help pets calm down during stressful times.

Keep Them Calm During Stressful Times

The most comprehensive calming aid supplement for dogs and cats that helps alleviate over-the-top, uncontrollable anxiousness due to stressful events. This formula contains the highest levels of active ingredients, including herbs, that work synergistically to help your pets stay calm during stressful situations. Your dogs and cats will love the taste of these delicious soft chews, and you’ll be helping your pets stay calm at all times. The perfect size chew for your small dog or cat.

TESTIMONIAL: Chilllax is absolutely amazing!!! I volunteer with a rescue and I had someone that was going to be coming over to meet one of my fosters. I noticed that my Stormy was in her crate panting and drooling so I gave her a Chillax. She has a very high anxiety. I can just stop on the floor at another FurKid and that will send her off into an oblivion. The lady came about 40 minutes later. Normally when someone comes to my house she will bark incessantly. And will be in the back of her crate shaking and drooling. After a few little barks she actually went up to this woman and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Stormy Rayne has NEVER done that with a stranger. I am blown away with Chillax!!! Our next step is going to see if I can get her in the car and go for a little ride... Thank you PawTree for coming into existence. ❤️

Cindy - Ehrhardt from Spring​ 

My dogs are so happy and healthy. I'm so glad I found solutions to sore joints and sensitive tummy issues.

Linda Hooper

Dog's Names: Poo, Copper & Benny

As a groomer I am thrilled with the results of healthy ears! No more yeasty, stinky ear infections!

Rebecca Morris

Dog's Names: Stella & Nina

I was searching for answers to my dog's allergies! So glad he's itch free and much more calmer now!

Lou Ann Thompson

Dog's Names: Max & Jasmine

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