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ONLINE Private Lessons

Held Online on Zoom


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Private Dog Training Menu


ONLINE Private Dog Training: 

One Private Session - Working on one major issue, and 1-2 commands - $150 via Zoom

*One follow up call via phone or Zoom


Two Private Sessions - Working on one major issue, and 2-4 basics commands - $280 via Zoom

*Two follow up calls via phone or Zoom


Three Private Sessions - Working on all the basics training and one major issue or 2-3 minor issues - $390 via Zoom

*Three follow up calls via phone or Zoom


Four Private Sessions - New Puppies (3-6 mons) - Working on all the basics, including puppy issues and potty training - $480 via Zoom

*Four follow up calls via phone or Zoom


CLASSICL CONDITIONING: The process of associating a neutral stimulus with an involuntary response until the stimulus elicits the response.

CLICKER TRAINING: The system of teaching that uses positive reinforcement in combination with an event marker.

EVENT MARKER: A noise signal used to mark the desired behavior at the instant it occurs. A clicker is an event marker.

OPERANT CONDITIONING: The process of changing an animal's response to a certain stimulus by manipulating the consequences that immediately follow the response.

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: Adding something the animal will work for to strengthen a behavior. An example would be giving the dog a treat for sitting in order to increase the probability that the dog will sit again.

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