Creating a Bond Between People and Pets

  What An Obedient Dog! 

Creating a Bond Between People and Pets

Board & Training Program 
What An Obedient Dog! offers a successful board and training program that takes place at our facility in Carrollton. Let us do all the hard work for you! You will pick up a calm, obedient dog after our board and training is complete! We coach you on everything we taught him during his stay when you pick him up. If you sign up for the 2 week board and training option, we will schedule a follow up session that takes place in your home. All puppies and dogs must be 4 months or older with updated shot records, including their rabies shot to be eligible for the program.  
Our training is all positive dog training methods. We will train your dog with hand signals and body language, which is the way they know how to communicate. We do not use punitive methods such as choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars. All of these methods make your dog fearful of you and break any bond that was already established. Dogs do not learn through pain, therefore, we praise good behavior, and correct and redirect behavior we don't like, which is the only way for any new behavior to become successful and reliable.
Teaching "Leave It"
"Wait" until I say, "Take It"
The program includes all the basics: sit, release, watch me, down, come, stay with distance, stay with duration, leave it, drop it, wait and take it, walk nicely on a leash without pulling, and any other behavior issues as requested.
We strongly suggest your dog stay and train with us for a duration of 2 weeks as this has the most
success rate. The cost for 2 weeks of board and training is $80 a day, so 2 weeks is $1,120. This includes 2 follow-up one hour training sessions, one of which takes place when you pick up your dog at the end of the 2 week program. The other follow-up session takes place in your home 1 or 2 weeks afterward to go over everything again, answer any questions that you have, and if he's ready, train for more distractions. The 1 week board and training program is $80 a day, so 1 week is $560. This includes 1 follow-up session that takes place when you pick up your dog.
Stay with Distance

Stay with Distance and Duration