Creating a Bond Between People and Pets

  What An Obedient Dog! 

Creating a Bond Between People and Pets

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We are focused on providing positive reinforcement dog training, reward-based, force-free puppy and adult dog training techniques. The Puppy/Beginner obedience classes include teaching the basics commands, such as sit, down, come, release, stay, leave it, take it, drop it, watch me, leash walking, shake, and discussions on behavior problems including, barking, nipping, biting, chewing, digging, jumping, etc.

Also taught, is Middle School classes (level II), which is the next level after our Puppy/ Beginner classes, or your previous basic dog training, where we will add distance, duration and distractions to the basics, which will help your dog focus on you despite what is going on around them. We will also learn park it, which is "go lie down on your mat until I release you". We also learn heel, and more fun tricks.

The AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Preparation with Exam class is where your dog is almost guaranteed to pass and receive his canine good citizen certification - that is as long as you do your homework! We also administer the CGC Exam, so your dog can become an AKC Canine Good Citizen and ready for therapy dog work or service dog work, or if you just want him to be your calm companion.

In the Trick Dog and Indoor Agility Class, we learn 3-4 tricks a week, including but not limited to, shake, play dead, back up, go around, high five, rollover, spin, take a bow, puppy pushups, touch, paws up, jump thru the hoop, hide, take it on "five", tap, wave, sit pretty. Each week we introduce your dog to our indoor agility fun, including different tunnels, low to high jumps, and beginner to intermediate weaves! It's a total blast and nothing but fun!!

Let us do all the hard work for you! We will teach your dog "all the basics" in our facility in Carrollton! You will pick up a calm, obedient dog after the board and training is complete! We coach you on everything we taught him during his stay when you pick him up. If you chose the 2 week board and training option, we schedule a follow-up session in your home. All dogs must be 4 months or older with updated shot records, including their rabies shot to be eligible for the program.  


If you want one-on-one private sessions to teach your dog "all the basics" then dog obedience private training would be for you. If you feel your puppy or dog is not ready for group classes, we will come to your home, or you can come to our facility for private training sessions. See the different packages on the Private Dog Training page.

Potty training is easier to learn in your own home. We will come to your home and discuss potty training your puppy according to your lifestyle (work hours), living environment (house or apartment), whether to crate, put up a baby gate or a puppy pin. There is no one answer to potty training. Also, along the lines of puppy training is "puppy proofing" your home, which includes picking up shoes, remote controls, etc. until your puppy knows what he can and cannot chew.


Every potential service dog, emotional support animal, or therapy dog starts with the Puppy/Beginner classes followed by Middle School classes. Then when your dog is ready, the next step is the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep class.
After your service dog in training, or emotional support animal in training passes the CGC Exam, we will start private sessions teaching him the tasks you want him to help you with according to your disability or emotional needs. Lastly, we will give him a Public Access Test (PAT). After he passes the PAT and everything is accomplished, he will be considered a Service Dog or An Emotional Support Animal. Service Dogs have public access with their handler. Emotional Support Dogs DO NOT have public access with their handler, except for air travel.
After your therapy dog in training passes the CGC Exam, we will discuss therapy group organizations to join where you can go to assisted living facilities, hospitals, senior centers, to name a few. Most organizations require your dog to be an AKC Canine Good Citizen and have their own testing as well.
What An Obedient Dog!

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